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Business Address 930 E Main St spartanburg SC 29302 Phone: 864-327-8228 Website: http://www.willytaco.com/home
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Here’s how it all happened. Cinco gringos from Spartanburg (you know….Hub City) decided they’d had just about enough of the same old, same old. No more stale chips, they said. Out with the brown guacamole! They craved FLAVOR. They begged for FRESH. They wanted a FIESTA. So they teamed up to create this unique badass place called WILLY TACO® in their happenin’ hometown in upstate South Carolina. Now these gringos didn’t just fall off the taco truck. They’ve been around the restaurant biz mucho años and made good names for themselves in Hub City and beyond. They know their way around a kitchen. (OK. A few of them really know their way around a bar.) Some of the gringos are older and wiser. Some of them, mere bambinos. Some are wild and crazy. Some, not so much. But they’re all loco for three things: TACOS! TORTAS! TEQUILA! So welcome to Willy Taco®. Get down with your bad self and enjoy.

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