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Business Address 733 Haywood Rd Asheville NC 28806 Phone: 828-333-5145 Website:
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Husband and wife team Jason and Carolyn opened Biscuit Head to share their love of southern cooking, their inspired palettes from travel, and their commitment to local foods. They strive to have a restaurant with as light of a carbon footprint as possible. By making everything either compostable or recyclable they are trying to leave zero waste behind. They hope to start a farm to table program similar to the one Jason started while at the Lexington Avenue Brewery. He was able to connect with a local farmer and source all of his beef from within twenty miles of the restaurant. They believe in the importance of this because of the positive impact it can have within the community.Having a young son themselves they realize the importance of a strong and thriving community filled with friends and family. Biscuit Head never could have come to fruition without the help and support of many loved ones, and Jason and Carolyn hope to be able to give back a fraction of what they have received. Being a part of events such as Manna Food Bank’s Blue Jean Ball, Empty Bowls, and a Taste of the Opera are some of the ways that they try to give back. Events such as these have given them the opportunity to meet and form relationships with some amazing members of the community.

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